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The Versatile Union Bug

A few years ago our friend and illustrator Barbara Klunder did this illustration of a “union bug” for Working Design. Traditional union bugs are used to indicate that work has been done in a union shop. It’s a guarantee that the people who worked on the project – whether it’s a website, poster, logo – have a good contract with fair wages and benefits.

Working Design has been unionized for more than 20 years. We’re members of the newly formed Unifor that in September of last year brought together the CEP (Communications, Energy and Paper Workers) and CAW (Canadian Autoworkers).

We like Barbara’s interpretation of Working Design’s range of abilities, dexterity and fun. Klunder is a well regarded Toronto-based illustrator and collage artist also known for her textile work, font development and wry sense of humour. Check out her site:

Arts Featured

A Good Egg (and more)

Easter, eggs and bunnies all go together. Besides the fun of the hunt for chocolate Easter eggs, I used to enjoy colouring the eggs when I was a kid and, later, with my own kids.


Shooting Vancouver one day at a time

A couple of days ago I ran into photographer Tim Van Horn as I was cycling by Jericho Beach. The strip of foot-high photos around his van accompanied by some signage on top caught my eye. Van Horn is working on a project he calls Vancouver 125 to mark the city’s anniversary in 2011. Currently travelling and living in his van, Van Horn is taking an on-the-ground, on-the-street approach to his project meeting people and capturing images.

Arts Clients

Kickstart Festival March 8 to 27. Check it out!

One of our clients, Kickstart Disability Arts and Culture, has kicked off an amazing festival comprising an art exhibit, dance, comedy, fado singing and more.

We had the pleasure and honour of working with the Kickstart team on their general brochure, festival poster and programme book.

The Kickstart Festival started on March 8 and its first public event was last night with the launch of the Heroes art exhibit at the Pendulum Gallery in downtown Vancouver. Twenty Canadian visual artists explore what it means to be a hero from the perspective of working with a disability. We were especially impressed with the collage sculptures by Persimmon Blackbridge and  Cat L’Hirondelle.

Lose Weight Exercise/”>Lose Weight Exercise-weight-Lose Weight Exercise/”>Lose Weight Exercise: normal;”>For information about the Festival visit their website:


Groups working to fight BC arts and culture cuts

There are several groups and activities you can be in touch with, get involved in or attend in order to help fight the proposed BC arts cuts.

A loose coalition of artists and organization has launched a website which is both informative and allows you to send email to the BC government:

And, you can attend Wrecking Ball at the Vogue Theatre on Monday, November 23. For information:

The Alliance for Arts and Culture counts 350 arts organizations as members and has been a driving force in protesting the proposals. Their website has a wealth of information.

Also, there is a group on Facebook you may want to join called “Organizing against Campbell’s cuts to the arts”.


This holiday season, send help!

This holiday season we are urging our friends, colleagues and clients to support the arts in BC. The BC government has announced its intention to chop arts funding by 92 per cent over the next three years. The current 47 million budget will be slashed to just under $3 million dollars.

Besides letting the government know what you think of these crippling cuts, we’re suggesting you promote BC arts and culture.

Support artists, writers, artisans, musicians and their businesses and organizations. If you exchange gifts during the holiday season, consider subscribing to BC magazines, sharing BC books and visual art or music. Buy tickets or make donations to your favourite theatre company or festival. Go to a gallery or volunteer your time.

Here’s a list of some of the groups, people and businesses we work for, are friends with or simply love! Not all of them have been hit by the government’s funding cuts. But all of them are worthy of your support.

And you can start this weekend! You have an excellent opportunity to see and buy the work of hundreds of artists and artisans at the annual Eastside Culture Crawl.

And then there’s:

Vancouver Folk Music Festival
Kickstart Disability Arts and Culture
Coastal Sound International Choral Festival
Coastal Sound Music Academy
Vancouver Review
BC Bookworld
Beats Without Borders
Momentum Magazine

Coastal Jazz and Blues Society
Vancouver International Film Festival
PUSH International Performing Arts Festival
The BC Arts Council
New Star Books
Solo Collective
Duthie Books
Ronsdale Press
Arts Starts
Headlines Theatre
Alliance for Arts and Culture
Firehall Theatre
Vancouver East Cultural Centre

We’d love to hear your suggestions for arts groups that you care about.


The Vancouver Folk Music Festival : Give Us Your Green and Make It Grow!

Working Design has a long association with the Vancouver Folk Music Festival. In my volunteer capacity as board director for the Festival, the studio conceived, wrote, designed and has been promoting a fundraising initiative called “Give Us Your Green and Make It Grow”.
It ties in with the BC government’s 100 dollar Climate Action Dividend. The campaign urges Festival fans and supporters to donate their dividend to the Festival’s “green” initiatives. The pitch is to help make “Vancouver’s greenest Festival even greener”.
We’ve set up a Facebook group to help spread the word. If you want to make your donation today visit the Festival site and follow the links: