Our approach to communication design

Working Design strives to make working together engaging, professional and fun.



We get to know you and your job. We start work once we’ve established a complete picture of your goals and strategies. And, we can help you define or refine those.


You want and deserve insightful ideas and imagination. That’s how we work.

Expert advice

We’ve been communication designers for more than 25 years. We understand communication strategy. We understand issues. We’ve got design and technical savvy.


Your success is our success. Whether you want to shape opinions, sell your goods or drive traffic to your web site, we approach your project like it was our own.

Shared values

Our passion for your project will show in the final product.

Working Design produces communication design for institutes, businesses, unions, government and not-for-profit groups. We work in a range of sectors – health, education, social policy, environment, arts and culture and more. Our most productive and fruitful partnerships are with people and organizations aiming for change. Whether it’s through promoting a better product, a better policy or, ultimately, a better world, we’re with you.

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