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5 ways to get website visits

“My site’s been up for three weeks. How come I’m not getting any visitors? Why isn’t it on the first page when I search on Google?”

Just because you have a web site doesn’t mean it’s going to get noticed. That’s like building a house and expecting droves of guests to arrive


Who owns the digital files for your job?

You’ve had your designers develop all of your new materials: logo, website, print materials and other collateral. Now you want the electronic files so you can use them to do work in house. Who owns them?

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A quick guide to defining, designing and delivering your website

Tell us about your website project. Read and answer these questions.

A website is your most powerful and effective marketing tool. It’s accessible 24 hours a day, anywhere in the world. It allows your audience to access information, contact you, subscribe to your services or buy your products directly. And it’s easy to keep your content fresh and updated, respond to user feedback and adapt to changing needs.

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Is your website old-fashioned?

It seems like only yesterday when you wrote and developed your new website. But time flies; web years are like dog years. Your three-year-old site may seem fresh to you, but chances are it could be surprisingly out of date.


Day of Mourning

This weekend, labour groups across North America will gather to honour workers injured and killed on the job — and to renew their commitment to making work safer.

Monday’s tragic sawmill explosion in Prince George, BC has taken the life of two workers and

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A Good Egg (and more)

Easter, eggs and bunnies all go together. Besides the fun of the hunt for chocolate Easter eggs, I used to enjoy colouring the eggs when I was a kid and, later, with my own kids.

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Eight reasons to be on Linked In

Why are so many of us on Linked In and not using it? While this “Facebook-for-the-work-world” social media platform boasts 120 million users, a lot of us don’t know why we’re there. We have incomplete profiles, a handful of connections and hardly ever visit.

Most of us signed on because we don’t want to miss out on a useful online, social media opportunity. But, what exactly is the opportunity?