Google’s Keyword Shift

Last month, Google changed the way you can find information about how users search for your website. As a result, website owners can longer use Google Analytics to see which keywords people use to identify relevant sites.


Media and democracy

The ever shifting role of media, who controls information and who has access are just a few of the focus areas for the Media Democracy Project.

This year’s 11th annual Media Democracy Days conference zeroes in on two issues: information control and aboriginal voices.


Punctuation Matters

“…punctuation marks are the traffic signals of language: they tell us to slow down, notice this, take a detour, and stop.”

So says Lynne Truss, author of the well known book Eats, Shoots & Leaves: The Zero Tolerance Approach to Punctuation.

Social Media Web Design

Are your website visitors showing “lumpy user behaviour”?!

In the ever-evolving science of website analytics, here comes another reason to carefully examine your site visits and campaign results.

Analytics guru Jakob Neilsen suggests that a recent spike in visits to your site may have nothing to do with your latest online promotion. Instead, it could be an example of “lumpy user behaviour”.

Case Studies Web Design

Media on the move: making your web site mobile

You’re mobile. So is your phone, your laptop and your tablet. What about your website? Is it time to make your site mobile-friendly?

The prevalence of high speed wireless data networks and free wifi, combined with the vast increase in processor speeds and screen size for today’s smartphones, means more and more people will see your site on their mobile device first. And first impressions, of course, count.


Music and Design: Always a great match

The album cover has a history as varied as what’s inside the package. From vinyl to CDs and now thumbnail graphics for online purchasing, the artwork has changed to reflect the changing music delivery formats.

Our friends at the FontShop offer a regular critique