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Vertical vs. Horizontal. The Swiping Debate!

You may be accustomed to “swiping” through content horizontally on your mobile device, but are you comfortable mimicking the gesture on your desktop? According to web page usability gurus Nielsen Norman Group, not many users are:

While horizontal scrolling is acceptable in some situations, it should be applied with caution. Be aware: horizontal scrolling on the desktop is one of the few interactions that consistently generate negative responses from users.

The research group’s complete study on desktop horizontal scrolling can be seen here.

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Eight key tips for writing superior website content

Writing for the web has unique requirements because of how people read on screens. We tend to scan content quickly on our smart phones or laptops rather than reading thoroughly.

Here are the top eight things you need to keep in mind when crafting content for your online readers:

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Starting your web project: The content stage

Content Outline
After you’ve answered the nine key questions raised in Part 1 of our Starting a Website Project series, it’s time to think about content: text, images and quite a bit more.

Here’s your checklist:

  1. Content Inventory
  2. Special Functions
  3. The Content Outline
  4. The Visual Identity
  5. Site Navigation

Start by making a detailed content inventory of everything you want to include on the site. What’s required to tell your story and get results?

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The Versatile Union Bug

A few years ago our friend and illustrator Barbara Klunder did this illustration of a “union bug” for Working Design. Traditional union bugs are used to indicate that work has been done in a union shop. It’s a guarantee that the people who worked on the project – whether it’s a website, poster, logo – have a good contract with fair wages and benefits.

Working Design has been unionized for more than 20 years. We’re members of the newly formed Unifor that in September of last year brought together the CEP (Communications, Energy and Paper Workers) and CAW (Canadian Autoworkers).

We like Barbara’s interpretation of Working Design’s range of abilities, dexterity and fun. Klunder is a well regarded Toronto-based illustrator and collage artist also known for her textile work, font development and wry sense of humour. Check out her site:

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Nine questions to ask about your web project


You’re about to develop your organization’s first website or overhaul the one you have. You start thinking about the content – text, illustrations, downloadable materials, photo galleries, the blog – and how to present it all.

But wait! Before you even get to that stage, it’s important to step back and get a wider view.

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Happy New Year to you

Each year we design an original seasonal card. We also design free and unique baby birth announcements for our friends and clients. Have a look at the collection.