The Versatile Union Bug

January 22, 2014 Posted by workingdesign in Arts, Featured, Working Design

A few years ago our friend and illustrator Barbara Klunder did this illustration of a “union bug” for Working Design. Traditional union bugs are used to indicate that work has been done in a union shop. It’s a guarantee that the people who worked on the project – whether it’s a website, poster, logo – have a good contract with fair wages and benefits.

Working Design has been unionized for more than 20 years. We’re members of the newly formed Unifor that in September of last year brought together the CEP (Communications, Energy and Paper Workers) and CAW (Canadian Autoworkers).

We like Barbara’s interpretation of Working Design’s range of abilities, dexterity and fun. Klunder is a well regarded Toronto-based illustrator and collage artist also known for her textile work, font development and wry sense of humour. Check out her site: