Web design and development

The websites Working Design develops are elegant, user-friendly and affordable. Employing open source applications, we get you up and running so you can manage and add content to your site whenever you need to.

Every web project is different. We can take care of the full range of services described below. Or, we can focus on one or two depending on what you need. Here’s our tip sheet on how we design and develop your site.

Discovery, evaluation and strategy

We find out who you are and what you want to do. We look at your competitive environment and help determine a marketing and web strategy aimed at selling your message, product or services.

Site design

We can take you from concept to site launch. We develop the content outline and site map. We make it look great on the outside through a beautiful visual interface. And we make it look fantastic behind the scenes with well-structured, semantic code.

Developing your content

We edit, write or help with your text. We can assist with all your visual needs from concept to execution. We can draw, source or commission illustrations. We direct photo shoots and connect you to photographers.

SEO – Search engine optimization

Building a site is only the first step. Your audience needs to be able to find you on the web. Search engine optimization starts with creating well-organized, properly coded, and keyword-rich copy. We’ll help you build on this strong base using linking, social networking, developing a web marketing campaign, and more.

Social media marketing

We take you through the basics of making your site interactive and helping you establish a lively online presence through blogs, RSS feeds, online e-newsletters, Facebook, Twitter and Linked In.


We build our sites using Content Management Systems like WordPress or Drupal — open source interfaces that make it easy for our clients to update and modify their websites without knowing html. Often, a couple of hours of training is all it takes for our clients to start updating and editing content, events, pictures and more.

Ongoing support

We provide regular updates of your content management system to ensure its security. We field any and all questions you might have about the site, its contents and the next stages of your web marketing and development.

If you’d like to start thinking about your web message, have a look at the set of questions we’ve prepared to help get you started.