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SEO and leading your audience to your website. Being online (Part 6)


What good is your website if your audience can’t find it? Getting found and attracting clients and visitors is what your site is all about.

SEO – Search Engine Optimization – is one tool that will help you reach your business goals by making sure your site is relevant and findable.

SEO is a what makes your site visible to search engines on the web. It’s critical to your online success. If you’re looking for “rubber ducks in Vancouver+images” (and we do urge you to try that!) it’s SEO that brings you to the sites where you’ll find them.

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Making them look: Enewsletters explored. Being online (Part 5)

The fifth item in our series about being effective online is an intro on how to design, create and send e-newsletters that people will want to open.

After weeks of sifting through junk mail, flyers and bills you finally open your mailbox and discover that a long-awaited letter or beloved magazine subscription has arrived. It’s a nice feeling, isn’t it?

When you create an e-newsletter campaign, that’s what you’re trying to be for your subscribers: a welcome reprieve from all the spam and nonsense they receive in their inboxes every day. So, how do you do that?