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Working Design is winding up


by Kris Klaasen / Founder

After almost 30 years in business, Working Design closed at the end of August 2016.

I’m looking forward to a gap year. I’ll be taking stock after more than 40 years as a communicator in roles ranging from print, TV and radio journalist to graphic designer, art and project director, web strategist, content developer and small business owner.

Elaine, who’s been a Working Designer for close to 25 years, will be seeking a position in a larger organization, where she’ll bring her considerable skills in online communications, web and identity design and communications strategy to meet new challenges.

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Here’s how to reach more people with our Website Tune-up


Is your website doing its job?

  • Are you getting the inquiries, sales, downloads or donations you want?
  • Are your visitors going to your key pages and taking the actions you want them to take?
  • Are you uncertain if you’re using your site to its full potential?

If the answer to any or all of these questions is

Clients Featured Working Design

How you can vote for justice for Canada’s war vets

When you go to the polls on October 19, give some thought to Canada’s veterans.

During this marathon campaign Working Design helped out Veterans Against Conservatives with a bit of pro bono design work, developing some strong and simple social media graphics to be shared on Facebook.

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Is Twitter worth your time?


This seventh item in our series about being effective online asks: Is Twitter worth it? Will tweeting 140-character messages into a seemingly anonymous void make you better known, popular and better informed?
Read on!

Why check out Twitter?

Because there’s an enormous number of people

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Why you need an e-newsletter. Being online (Part 4)


The fourth item in our series about being effective online looks at why an e-newsletter is the next best thing to being there.

What’s an e-newsletter? What’s it good for?

Just about everyone you know uses email and that’s why the e-newsletter is one of the most effective ways to be in touch online. Your e-newsletter goes directly to people’s mailboxes.

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So, you think you can blog. Being online (Part 3)

The third item in our series about being effective online looks at three key things you need to consider if you want to start a blog.

You’ve decided to boost your online profile and launch yourself into the blogosphere. Good luck! It’s busy out there. Your many challenges include writing smart stuff, standing out from the crowd and inspiring an audience that not only sticks with you, but grows.

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Your online identity: Are you getting it right? Being online (Part 1)

This is the first in our series of brief blog items about how to be effective online. We discuss how you can decide what’s right for your small business, not-for-profit organization or you as an individual.

So, you have an online presence but you’re not sure about it. You might have a website and a blog; some social media accounts. Maybe too many. The problem is you’re not sure you’re navigating any of these channels effectively. Or even which ones are best for you.

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The Versatile Union Bug

A few years ago our friend and illustrator Barbara Klunder did this illustration of a “union bug” for Working Design. Traditional union bugs are used to indicate that work has been done in a union shop. It’s a guarantee that the people who worked on the project – whether it’s a website, poster, logo – have a good contract with fair wages and benefits.

Working Design has been unionized for more than 20 years. We’re members of the newly formed Unifor that in September of last year brought together the CEP (Communications, Energy and Paper Workers) and CAW (Canadian Autoworkers).

We like Barbara’s interpretation of Working Design’s range of abilities, dexterity and fun. Klunder is a well regarded Toronto-based illustrator and collage artist also known for her textile work, font development and wry sense of humour. Check out her site:

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Happy New Year to you

Each year we design an original seasonal card. We also design free and unique baby birth announcements for our friends and clients. Have a look at the collection.


Google’s Keyword Shift

Last month, Google changed the way you can find information about how users search for your website. As a result, website owners can longer use Google Analytics to see which keywords people use to identify relevant sites.