5 ways to get website visits

October 31, 2012 Posted by workingdesign in Featured, Social Media, Web Design

“My site’s been up for three weeks. How come I’m not getting any visitors? Why isn’t it on the first page when I search on Google?”

Just because you have a web site doesn’t mean it’s going to get noticed. That’s like building a house and expecting droves of guests to arrive without telling them you’ve moved in.

Making sure your site gets noticed starts well before its launch and continues long after. Here are 5 things your site needs in order to start and continue working for you:

  1. Describe yourself. Make sure your web site says who you are and what you do. Are the words that people use to do a Google search the same ones used in your content? It sounds basic and it is. But you’d be surprised how many sites don’t mention key searchable information such as location.
  2. By structuring and writing text that anticipates how users will look for you, search engines deliver results that will direct them to your site.

    It means that when potential clients search the web for “fluffy bunny slippers in Vancouver” your site will rank high because you’ve consistently used that term plus variations on it.

    It comes down to marketing. Your key words are part of your marketing message. And the main job of your site is to spread that message!

  3. Have a unique domain name. Ever wonder why so many web sites and related businesses and products have unusual names? Wufoo, Quibids, Google, Kindle, StumbleUpon. These names are memorable and unique. Use any search engine to look for them and they’re at the top. Aim to make your domain name as unique as possible.
  4. Have a great launch strategy. Your launch is your moment to shine. It gives you an excellent opportunity to promote yourself. Make the most of it.
  5. Weeks – or even months– before you launched your site, start creating buzz:

    • Send out an e.newsletter or just regular emails to your lists.
    • Let all of your Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter contacts know that you were embarking on a new venture.
    • When you launch, let everyone know through all of your channels from word-of-mouth to a launch party, a contest or draw and even paid advertising if that’s your style.

    Traffic to your site, and your contacts posting your URL to their blog or social media, all ramp up your visibility to the various search engines

  6. Post fresh content regularly. After your site is up, use it! Post content every day or week depending on the nature of your work. Search engines favour sites with new information. And, of course, the new information is always on message, using your key terms to market effectively and be searchable.
  7. In addition, use your social media such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to let your follows, likes and connections know you’ve posted something new and interesting.

  8. Make sure you’re popular. External links are the most important piece in getting good search engine rankings. “Link popularity” determines your ranking. The more sites that link to your site, the higher it will rank. External links validate that your site is interesting and worth looking at. There are many ways to achieve that. The two keys are:
    • Ask others to link to you (you could offer an exchange)
    • Make sure your site is always worth visiting through superior and regular content.

    You can draw attention to your site and your work through social media as well as by participating in online groups and commenting on blogs and posts related to your service, product or area of interest.