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5 questions to ask your web hosting provider

We’ve launched a lot of websites for our clients on a lot of different web-hosting services over the years. And we’ve often found that clients choose providers that make things unnecessarily difficult, and much more time consuming than they should be. How should you choose a host? What should you be looking for in order to get the best service?

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Why we made the Workingfolio web template for visual artists

At Working Design we love art and artists. We work with them and we play with them. Many of our best friends and acquaintances are photographers, painters, fabric artists, collage artists, sculptors or jewelry makers.

One of the main things we know about this amazing and creative crew of people is their


Workingfolio: Affordable websites for visual artists

Visual artists need professional and affordable websites to show the world their work. At Working Design –as keen supporters of the arts and artists– we know that marketing is often well down the list of artist priorities.

That’s why we’ve developed a web template called Workingfolio especially for visual artists.