What’s in a name: Working Design (and some other “working” titles)

July 9, 2010 Posted by Kris in Working Design

When we named our company more than 20 years ago, we chose Working Design because of its multiple meanings.

A “working design” or drawing is a step along the way towards preparing a finished piece of art or design whether it’s for a magazine, product or something else. It refers to a work in progress.

We like the name because it speaks to our approach of client collaboration as we work together to build a website, a brand, a poster or piece of direct mail.

Also, the word “working” addresses a significant portion of our client base which is rooted in the union movement.

But, most important, we use the term to describe what our designs do : they work.

There are a couple of other Vancouver firms that use the same moniker.

A few years ago, our colleague and videographer Julius Fischer approached us to do some backdrops for a cable television show he was developing. He asked us if we had any thoughts for a name. Given that the focus of the program was telling the stories of working people we suggested Working TV. http://www.workingtv.com/

And late last month at The Cheaper Show http://thecheapershow.com/ we ran across the work of a new Vancouver design team calling themselves Working Format. http://www.workingformat.com/

Clearly, there’s a whole lot of working going on!