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Eight key tips for writing superior website content

Writing for the web has unique requirements because of how people read on screens. We tend to scan content quickly on our smart phones or laptops rather than reading thoroughly.

Here are the top eight things you need to keep in mind when crafting content for your online readers:

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Why we made the Workingfolio web template for visual artists

At Working Design we love art and artists. We work with them and we play with them. Many of our best friends and acquaintances are photographers, painters, fabric artists, collage artists, sculptors or jewelry makers.

One of the main things we know about this amazing and creative crew of people is their


Writing Better Email

Our tip sheet on Top Tips to Writing Great Email has been getting a lot of response, hits and circulation.

A recent article in the Vancouver Sun alerted us to a similar effort by the University of Victoria’s Information Systems Department.

Entitled “Better Practices for Email” the brief report discusses how to write, use and manage the email you receive. Check it out at: