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Print lives. A new look for the HEU Guardian

With a 66-year history of continuous publication, The Hospital Employees’ Union Guardian stands out among union and labour newspapers in BC.

Working Design’s Kris Klaasen has had the honour of working in various design and consultation capacities with the paper for 25 years.


Music and Design: Always a great match

The album cover has a history as varied as what’s inside the package. From vinyl to CDs and now thumbnail graphics for online purchasing, the artwork has changed to reflect the changing music delivery formats.

Our friends at the FontShop offer a regular critique

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Preparing your images for the web

It’s become an age old question. “How do I optimize my image files so that they are small and fast loading, but still look great?” Image formats, and image optimization tools have come a long way, but there have always been just a few fundamental concepts at play here.


Top fonts of 2010

What’s hot in type for both the web and print? Plenty! Type retailer Fontshop has issued its list of the top fonts for the past year. The list shows a beautiful variety of types. A characteristic they all share


Loving beautiful book covers

Remember books? And book covers?

Actually, far from being forgotten in the digital age, beautiful book cover design is still a going concern

I was just introduced to a site devoted to great cover designs thanks to Facebook friend Mary Frances Hill

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Justified and unjustified type on your website

As most of you know justifying type means that the margins are even on both the left and right margins. It’s a way of organizing lots of text and making it easy for the eye to read.

Unjustified type sets the type ragged on one side. This can also make for an attractive and readable setting.

In order to justify type, space is inserted between words and, sometimes, letters, so that things line up. To a certain extent, this additional space compromises the integrity of the type and makes it less attractive. However, the overall effect can be that the eye has an easier time reading.


Finding your type

So, do you know what type you are?

English design house Pentagram has an amusing online survey that matches you to “your” typestyle.

Can four simple questions really find a match between your personality and a typographic design?

Check out the entertaining video and see! Go to

Enter the password “character”