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How you can vote for justice for Canada’s war vets

When you go to the polls on October 19, give some thought to Canada’s veterans.

During this marathon campaign Working Design helped out Veterans Against Conservatives with a bit of pro bono design work, developing some strong and simple social media graphics to be shared on Facebook.

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Is Twitter worth your time?


This seventh item in our series about being effective online asks: Is Twitter worth it? Will tweeting 140-character messages into a seemingly anonymous void make you better known, popular and better informed?
Read on!

Why check out Twitter?

Because there’s an enormous number of people

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SEO and leading your audience to your website. Being online (Part 6)


What good is your website if your audience can’t find it? Getting found and attracting clients and visitors is what your site is all about.

SEO – Search Engine Optimization – is one tool that will help you reach your business goals by making sure your site is relevant and findable.

SEO is a what makes your site visible to search engines on the web. It’s critical to your online success. If you’re looking for “rubber ducks in Vancouver+images” (and we do urge you to try that!) it’s SEO that brings you to the sites where you’ll find them.

Check out out your site’s SEO with these free tests

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Making them look: Enewsletters explored. Being online (Part 5)

The fifth item in our series about being effective online is an intro on how to design, create and send e-newsletters that people will want to open.

After weeks of sifting through junk mail, flyers and bills you finally open your mailbox and discover that a long-awaited letter or beloved magazine subscription has arrived. It’s a nice feeling, isn’t it?

When you create an e-newsletter campaign, that’s what you’re trying to be for your subscribers: a welcome reprieve from all the spam and nonsense they receive in their inboxes every day. So, how do you do that?

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Why you need an e-newsletter. Being online (Part 4)


The fourth item in our series about being effective online looks at why an e-newsletter is the next best thing to being there.

What’s an e-newsletter? What’s it good for?

Just about everyone you know uses email and that’s why the e-newsletter is one of the most effective ways to be in touch online. Your e-newsletter goes directly to people’s mailboxes.

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So, you think you can blog. Being online (Part 3)

The third item in our series about being effective online looks at three key things you need to consider if you want to start a blog.

You’ve decided to boost your online profile and launch yourself into the blogosphere. Good luck! It’s busy out there. Your many challenges include writing smart stuff, standing out from the crowd and inspiring an audience that not only sticks with you, but grows.


Why bother blogging? Being online (Part 2)


The second item in our series about being effective online discusses why blogging can be a powerful tool. However, to get it right you need to know a few key guidelines.

The reason we started blogging seven years ago is the same reason you should consider doing it if you haven’t already: you want to share information with your clients. You want to let them know you’re an expert in your field and that you can help them.

But blogging takes commitment. You need to take it seriously! A good blog boosts your credibility. An infrequent, unfocused or poorly written blog will harm it.

So before you start, ask these four questions:

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Your online identity: Are you getting it right? Being online (Part 1)

This is the first in our series of brief blog items about how to be effective online. We discuss how you can decide what’s right for your small business, not-for-profit organization or you as an individual.

So, you have an online presence but you’re not sure about it. You might have a website and a blog; some social media accounts. Maybe too many. The problem is you’re not sure you’re navigating any of these channels effectively. Or even which ones are best for you.


The Password Problem: Staying secure online


Passwords are the digital keys to our online doorways. And, like our house and other keys, it’s critical that we take care of them.

But the comparison stops there. Online security is a lot more complicated than cutting a key and remembering where you put it. Staying secure involves a range of measures to protect yourself against a worldwide hacking industry. Hackers and spammers want to

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Vertical vs. Horizontal. The Swiping Debate!

You may be accustomed to “swiping” through content horizontally on your mobile device, but are you comfortable mimicking the gesture on your desktop? According to web page usability gurus Nielsen Norman Group, not many users are:

While horizontal scrolling is acceptable in some situations, it should be applied with caution. Be aware: horizontal scrolling on the desktop is one of the few interactions that consistently generate negative responses from users.

The research group’s complete study on desktop horizontal scrolling can be seen here.