Here’s how to reach more people with our Website Tune-up

April 21, 2016 Posted by workingdesign in Featured, SEO, Web Design


Is your website doing its job?

  • Are you getting the inquiries, sales, downloads or donations you want?
  • Are your visitors going to your key pages and taking the actions you want them to take?
  • Are you uncertain if you’re using your site to its full potential?

If the answer to any or all of these questions is “no” or “we don’t know”, what are you waiting for? Tune up your website to get better results.

Working Design is here to help!

How our Website Tune-up works

The Working Design Website Tune-up is a three-part package designed to help your site reach more people. By analysing more than 60 distinct elements on your site we give you analysis, a range of tools to make improvements and concrete suggestions on how to use them.

Before we start we’ll ask you to fill out a questionnaire so we can get to know you and your organization.

Our package will look at 60 key factors critical to your website’s performance:

  • Examine 10 elements in your site analytics
  • Using a 40-point checklist, analyse the site from a visitor’s perspective. We’ll look at everything from content structure and navigation to how you use text and images
  • Review 10 items in the backend of your site related to effective Search Engine Optimization (SEO) including use of keywords, metadata and how you show up in search results.

Why our package will work for you

  • We are your kind of people. There are thousands of services on the internet that promise to boost your SEO (!) land you on Google’s first page (!) and increase your sales (!).
  • What makes the Working Design Website Tune-up unique is that we understand the not-for-profit, union, advocacy, small business and research organization sector. Smaller scale organizations like you aren’t looking for a first place ranking in Google. You want to be first and foremost with your members, supporters, donors. You want to:
  • keep members, clients and supporters informed
  • invite your audience to participate in your latest campaigns and fundraisers and invite their contributions – financial or otherwise
  • engage in the ongoing work of putting your organization forward as vital and a leader in its field
  • It’s cost effective and lets you decide how to improve your site. We provide you with analysis and recommendations so that you can make the changes you want on your site. These include:
  • changing, adding or deleting content so that readers get your message right away
  • switching pages or sections to make your site easier to browse
  • experimenting with different Calls to Action or social media outreach to get better responses

We can direct you through the simple steps of making the changes yourself. And we can also do it for you (although that’s not included in this part of the package).

You can choose how you want to use the service.

There are three ways:

  • The Analytics
  • The Test Drive (plus The Analytics)
  • Under the Hood (plus The Analytics and The Test Drive)

What does it cost?

Each phase of our Website Tune-up costs $197.00.

Download the offer. Get the full details about how our Website Tune-up can improve your website!