You need an enewsletter. What’s holding you back?

May 18, 2016 Posted by workingdesign in Enewsletters

Staying in touch with your clients, members and customers is a great idea.

The people on your mailing list already know a little – or a lot – about your work. They’re interested in what you’re up to.

Why not launch an enewsletter to spread your word to a receptive audience?

Need to know how to get it going? Check out Working Design’s new Working Design’s Enewsletter Startup Service.

Here’s how it works:

  • You open a free Mailchimp account
  • We help you choose a Mailchimp Template (page layout) suitable for your content
  • We’ll customize the template with:
  • Your logo or header image (all graphics provided by you)
  • Colours
  • Links to your website and social media
  • Recurring template elements as desired (such as calls to action)
  • We’ll set up your first newsletter with your text, links, and photo content (all provided by you)
  • We’ll send out two test emails so you can be sure the newsletter is looking good
  • You’ll press “Send” and launch your newsletter into the world
  • If you provide us with a .csv file (such as an export from an Excel spreadsheet), we can upload your mailing list. You can add more names by hand, or upload additional .csv files as you wish.

The Enewsletter Startup Service gets you started for only $289.

After this, the newsletter is all yours. You can use the template for future issues, design new templates, create new mailing lists and sublists, and use your Mailchimp account any way you like.

If you need extra help with content (writing, sourcing photos, converting files or creating custom artwork), we’re happy to provide you with an estimate.

And if you’d like us to take care of your newsletter design on a regular basis, we can do that too!
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